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Kelley Connell



A Christian who believes in Biblical Principles and the Power of Faith and Prayer.  I am a Caring, Compassionate, Insightful, and Discerning Healer.  I am a Friend, Loyal, Strong, and Funny with a dry sense of humor.  I am Controlling at times, but always yield to God’s Will.  I am a Good Listener, always trying to increase knowledge of Myself and Others.


That we all have gifts, talents and a greater purpose.  I believe there is hope and we are all capable of growth and healing.  Struggle leads to Understanding, Chaos to Peace, Confusion to Clarity, Despair to Hope, Self Doubt to Confidence, and Anxiety and Depression to Joy.  I believe there are growth opportunities in every Trail, and that No Tear is Wasted.  I believe We were Made to Connect with Others for Love and Support.  I believe some People are Placed in our lives to Prepare the Soil, some to Plant the Seeds, some to See the Growth and the Beauty, and some Blessed in our lives to Witness all Three.  I believe it is Important to have Strong and Loving Marriages, Families, and Relationships to help weather the Storms of Life. I believe we are all trying to Find our Authentic Selves and have a basic need to feel we Belong, are Accepted and Valued for who we are.


Developing lasting and authentic friendships, and accepting my imperfections as I build on my strengths. Finding Joy in the midst of all Circumstances, Reconnecting with my Playful Self, and Always Strengthening My Relationship with Christ.  I am working on Strengthening my Marriage and Family, and being True to Myself while not taking everything Too Serious.  I am working on New Therapy Techniques for Those I Help, Building Lasting Connections and Friendships, and having Less Fear and More Faith.  I am working on Finding Balance between Family, Work, Friendships and Time for Myself.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Christian Counselor.  I have been in private practice for 22 years, and am Priviledged to Counsel Adolescents age 12 and above, Individuals and Couples.  Through Counseling, I provide Increased Awareness and Understanding of One’s Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors, and how One can Develop more Positive Experiences in many Areas of Life.

My Therapy Approach is Interactive and Solution Focused, utilizing various counseling methods as I collaborate with you to help you learn New Skills, and Achieve Healing and Growth in Emotional, Intellectual, Behavioral and Spiritual Areas.

I am a native of Plano, Texas, have been Married for 23 Years with Four Teenagers, and I am Passionate about my Family, Friends, and Profession.  I am an Active Member of my Church and Community.

Age: Adolescents age 12 up, Adults, Couples

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Grief, Pre-Marriage and Marriage, Parenting, Blended Families, Adolescents, Christian Counseling


Effective management of Emotions such as; Depression, Anxiety, Anger, etc.,

Relationship Issues, Marriage, Intimacy and Sexuality, Recovery from an Affair, Parenting, Parent/Child Relationship, Self Esteem, Spiritual Issues.

Treatment Approach

CBT, EMDR, Psychodrama, Solution Focused Therapy, Christian Counseling

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