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Gary Grossman

PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


I am a challenger, someone who pushes himself to overcome difficulties in ways that are growth-enhancing. I come alongside others and inspire them to do the same. I am a champion of affirmation, validating others and affirming their process as they overcome great heights. I am an optimist who always searches out positivity, bringing a healthy balance to the trials and burdens of life. I am a rebel, with an inner drive that goes against unjust, dominating authority.


I believe that life is about growing and discovering, whether gaining insight within, or contributing to the creative development of the relationships around us. I believe in the far-reaching significance of social justice and the equality of people, which influences my work and purpose. Moreover, I believe our culture, traditions, and where we come from are not only important, but are a beautiful part of what makes us who we are.


I am working on being mindful and present. Specifically, it is my endeavor to celebrate life in the moment. It is no secret that doing so is a challenge for many, and I am no exception. I find that the distractions of the day can weigh heavily on my mind, and I actively work to resist them. Whether my focus is drawn to relationships, to-do lists, or even my own thoughts, I am working at noticing and paying attention to what is before me and valuing the present experience.


I am a Texas board-certified licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience. My clinical background is rooted in the training I received at the Wright Institute of UC Berkeley. I am forever thankful for the high level of academia and clinical instruction provided there. Over the years, I have offered counseling and supportive services at various centers, including the Child and Family Guidance Centers in Dallas, the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Life Path Systems in Allen, and multiple private practice settings. Moreover, I have served at-risk youth and their families and individuals who struggle with mental and emotional disorders, depression, anxiety, family stress, and the effects of trauma. Also, I specialize in addiction and working with orphans who are adopted by American parents.

I utilize a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Control Mastery, Art Therapy, and Family Systems, which takes into account the relational components of a given dilemma. I aim to empower people to pursue their life goals, overcome obstacles and challenges, and achieve compassionate self-acceptance. I want to assist them as they learn to cope with pain, trauma, and other burdens that hinder them from finding direction and purpose. I work with adults, children, families, and couples, assisting them on the path toward personal and relational healing, resilience, and self-discovery.